Graduate School


The Graduate School offers three types of courses.

Mandatory courses

  • PhD studentsFour times per year, Leiden University and LUMC organize an introductory meeting for PhD students. In an informal environment you will learn about Leiden University, general aspects of doctoral research, and scientific conduct. You will meet other LUMC and UL PhD students from all kinds of disciplines.
  • The course Basic Methods and Reasoning in Biostatistics consists of two parts: “A:basic” and “B:advanced”. Part A is mandatory for PhD students, part B is optional and consists of a series of separate courses, each dedicated to a specific subject.
  • The eBROK course (basis regulations in the organization of clinical research), including exam and one day center-specific meeting, is mandatory for all PhD students. The eBROK-course is available in Dutch and in English. The center-specific meeting at LUMC is only in English.
The completion of these courses and/or motivated exemption requests must be registered in Converis under Fixed milestones in the Supervision part.

Generic/transferable skill courses

General courses to enhance your general skills, like: scientific writing, presentation and personal effectiveness and communication.

Research profile/Disciplinary courses

Research profile/Disciplinary courses are organized by the 7 Medical Research Profiles of LUMC. They are meant for all PhD students to broaden their scientific scope and skills. 

For an overview of available courses see Help in Converis.