Graduate School


Converis has been updated to version 5.10. The new version has a different look (text instead of icons, clearer lettertype) but the process is still the same. Graduate School Module instruction meetings take place every second Tuesday of the month from 12.00-12.30 in H1-14 (5 December instead of 12 December).

How to find a thesis advisor

  • contact the director of one of the research profiles or another academic staff member to discuss your plans, objectives and research interests
  • discuss your proposed research project
  • check if a PhD position is available in your research topic of choice
  • make sure that you meet the admission requirements (MD or MSc)

Am I eligible for a PhD with a foreign diploma?

How can I register for the Graduate School?

  • your thesis advisor registers you as a PhD student in Converis
  • the personnel service desk uploads certified copies of your diplomas and any supporting materials in case of diploma authentication
  • you complete the information in PhD admission
  • the dean approves admission

When can I apply?

Applications will be accepted throughout the year.


The housing office of Leiden University offers studio apartments and 2-6 room apartments for PhD students.