The LUMC human iPSC Hotel: Generation of research grade human iPSCs and beyond

Terms & conditions

The technology used for reprogramming is state of the art, and generally reliable and robust. Notwithstanding the consistency of the procedures, no guarantee can be made on the quality and quantity of the reprogrammed cell lines generated by the LUMC hiPSC core facility. However all reasonable steps are taken to provide customers with the cell lines and services requested.

In rare cases  cells cannot be reprogrammed for unknown reasons (e.g. due to a (un)known mutation, poor cell growth). In case that reprogramming fails in the 1st attempt, we will repeat the reprogramming. If the 2nd round is not successful, no more attempts will be made. For paying customers, the fee is reduced by 50% when two rounds of reprogramming were unsuccessful. 

When placing the order, it is assumed that the customers will acknowledge the LUMC hiPS core facility as the source of hiPSC in the manner customary in scientific output such as publications and presentations.