The LUMC human iPSC Hotel: Generation of research grade human iPSCs and beyond


When will my samples be reprogrammed?
How many samples can be reprogrammed in the same experiment?
How long does it take until I receive my hiPSCs?
How many ‘clones’ will I receive per hiPSC line and how many cryovials?
Can I get the images of the IF staining for the pluripotency and differentiation markers?
How much does the hiPSC generation cost?
How many clones per hiPSC line do I have to analyse for disease modelling?
What is a proper control hiPSC line?
Can I re-name my hiPSC lines?
Who owns the hiPSC lines generated in the LUMC hiPSC core facility?
When is the next training course?
How can I apply for the course?