LUMC Flow cytometry Core Facility (FCF)

Education and symposium

The FCF provides a beginners course about the basics of flow cytometry for new users. A symposium about new developments in flow and mass cytometry are organized to update users and others with an interest in these topics and to stimulate interaction between users. All courses and symposia take place at LUMC.

Beginners course

The two-day beginners course in flow cytometry is organized approximately once a month. A theoretical background is provided on day 1, while hands-on practical information is given on day 2. Courses will be announced here and via our newsletter. 

Lecture (Day 1)




Hands-on Session (Day 2)

Date Time Location   First week Second week Time Location
9SEP19 13:00-16:00 L-03-42   10SEP19 17SEP19  13:00:16:00 Building 1, L-01-031, route 843
14OCT19 13:00-16:00 V4 18/22 building 3   15OCT19 22OCT19  13:00:16:00Building 1, L-01-031, route 843
11NOV19 13:00-16:00 J-01-116   12NOV19 19NOV19  13:00:16:00Building 1, L-01-031, route 843
09DEC19 13:00-16:00 J-01-116   10DEC19 17DEC19  13:00:16:00Building 1, L-01-031, route 843

To register, please contact the FCF operators.

FCF symposium

Following the successful FCF Opening Symposium in 2017, where we welcomed almost 300 participants, we are now planning the 2nd FCF Symposium. Updates will be posted on this website.