Cluster headache and (hemiplegic) migraine

Our Care

Regular headaches can have a big impact on your life. That is certainly the case with severe types such as cluster headache, migraine or rare, genetic types such as hemiplegic migraine. That is why we at the LUMC carry out in-depth research into better methods to diagnose and treat these severe types of headache. And because we carry out our research in the treatment room, you can immediately benefit from it. This way we ensure you get the best possible care.

Why you are in good hands at the LUMC

At the LUMC you are treated by doctors who have years of experience with treating severe types of headache. This experience is important, because cluster headache and migraine are not always properly diagnosed and treated. Also people around you may not understand it. This is because a lot is still not known about these disorders. Establishing the right diagnosis may therefore sometimes take years. With the knowledge and experience we have built up at the LUMC we try to establish a correct diagnosis as fast as we can in order to give you the best possible treatment.

Multidisciplinary team

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The team that helps you includes neurologists who are known both nationally and internationally for their expertise on headaches. They work together with trainee neurologists, physician researchers and nurse practitioners. At the same time there is close cooperation with other LUMC specialities. So if necessary we can quickly involve a different department in the treatment or research. Because of that intensive cooperation between various disciplines we can offer you high-quality care.

Unique position in the Netherlands

The LUMC is the only university medical centre in the Netherlands specializing in headaches. As a result we have gained a lot of valuable expertise and knowledge in the past decades. For instance about the identification and treatment of symptoms when your headache is not understood anywhere else. Or about additional problems often accompanying headaches, such as depression as a result of migraine. Thanks to our medical research into headaches we have a unique position in the Netherlands.

Medical research into headaches

As a result of our medical research we have learned a lot in recent years about cluster headache and migraine, especially about what goes wrong during a headache attack. However, many question are still unanswered. What for instance causes these disorders? And why does someone get an attack at a certain moment? Although we can quite often properly treat many types of headache nowadays, we cannot yet cure them. That's why we continue our intensive medical research unabatedly. And often you can help out with this research. We gain more and more knowledge this way and you have access to the latest treatment methods.

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