Before you visit the LUMC

Belangrijke informatie

You can visit LUMC safely. The LUMC applies strict measures to ensure that the care in the LUMC proceeds as well as possible. All these measures are intended to prevent the risk of infection as much as possible. For both patients and staff.

National standards also apply at the LUMC

LUMC adheres to the national rules and has taken additional measures to minimise the risk of the spread of the new coronavirus. Please bear the following in mind when coming to the LUMC:

  • You can only enter the LUMC through the main entrance. Here we will ask you for your completed COVID questionnaire. 
  • Only come to your appointment. Do not take children with you. Only bring a companion (without corona-related complaints) if there is no other option. There is very limited space in our waiting rooms due to the 1.5-metre guidelines. 
  • Keep as much as possible 1.5 meters distance from each other. The LUMC is equipped for this.
  • Think about the hygiene rules, such as regularly washing your hands and sneezing in your elbow.
  • Do not come to the LUMC with corona-related complaints, but contact your attending physician by telephone

Planning to go to the LUMC? Fill in the COVID questionnaire first!

Before you enter the LUMC through the main entrance, we will ask you for your completed COVID questionnaire. Make sure you have this questionnaire ready when you arrive. This will give you quick and easy access to the LUMC. If you do not have a completed COVID questionnaire with you, you will be assisted at the entrance. It may then take a little longer before you can enter the LUMC.

Are you a patient? The questionnaire is available for you in your patient portal myLUMC. Fill in the questionnaire at home and take it with you to LUMC. Your answers will be immediately visible to your healthcare provider in the LUMC. Once you have completed the questionnaire it is valid for 48 hours. Not yet using myLUMC? Visit for more information.

Are you a visitor? Fill in the questionnaire and print it out or take a screenshot or photo. Keep the list at hand when you reach the main entrance of the LUMC.

Corona-related complaints?

Do you have any of the following complaints: fever (38.0 degrees or higher), shortness of breath, muscle pain, pain behind the eyes, coughing or sore throat, general malaise and extreme fatigue, nasal colds (snivelling / sneezing / runny nose / blocked nose), loss of taste / smell, diarrhoea? Do you have a roommate/family member who has had a proven COVID infection in the past month? Or have you or your companion been in a country or area in the past 14 days with an orange or red travel advice (even if this arose during your stay)? If so, do not come to your LUMC appointment, but contact your attending physician via the outpatient clinic. You can find the telephone numbers here. To make an appointment for a corona test, contact the GGD via 0800-1202.

Your appointment at the LUMC

The most important information about your appointment can be found in myLUMC and in the letter you will receive at home. If possible, appointments and consultations will take place digitally (via a video link). 

Prior to your appointment, your healthcare provider will ask you if you have any complaints that may indicate a possible infection with the coronavirus. If you do, the care provider can take measures to protect you and himself. So you will always get the care you need, regardless of whether you have corona-related complaints. 

Adapted visitors' scheme for nursing wards

Due to the new coronavirus, you can now only visit a patient by making an appointment with the nursing ward in question. The rule here is: a maximum of 2 the same visitors per admitted patient per day. In order to make all visits possible, the visiting times have been extended. Visits are now staggered and are possible until 20:00 hours. In principle, a visit does not last longer than one hour. In some departments, such as the ICU, different visiting times apply. You will be informed about this when making the appointment. 

Patients who are in LUMC with a (possible) coronavirus infection (COVID-19) can only be visited to a limited extent. This is always in consultation with the department. You will also receive information about the additional procedures.

Do not come to the LUMC until the agreed time. If you are unable to wait at the ward until the agreed time, you will be referred to the 't Paleijhs room (route 761), where a temporary waiting room has been set up. 

The LUMC is safe to visit

The measures in LUMC are taken for your and our safety. Together, we keep the risk of spreading the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) as low as possible. All patients complete the COVID questionnaire prior to their appointment. If it turns out that there is an increased risk, we look at the best solution for each patient. This may mean that the appointment is made by telephone or video consultation, is rescheduled or additional measures are taken. Patients who come for admission or surgery are called in advance. All visitors to LUMC are asked for the completed COVID questionnaire at the main entrance.

Our employees stay at home with (mild) complaints and will first be tested before going back to work. Where necessary, our employees wear appropriate protective equipment, such as a mouth mask. The LUMC follows the guidelines of the LCI, part of the RIVM.

In the LUMC you will come across various protective measures. As a precaution, splash guards have been placed on various counters, fewer people are allowed in the elevator at the same time, and we ask everyone to keep a distance of one and a half meters from each other.

LUMC has an adapted visitor policy, which restricts and spreads visits to patients in nursing wards over the course of the day. If you come for an appointment at the outpatient clinic, come alone. This prevents too many people from walking into our buildings and filling our waiting rooms. Your attendant can wait for you outside.

We take all these measures for your and our safety. Together we make sure that the risk of spreading the coronavirus is kept to a minimum and that not only your health, but also that of our other patients and our staff is not endangered.