Registration and changing details

In order to help you well, we need to have your correct details in our system.

Registration at first appointment

During your first appointment you have to register at the desk of the outpatient department or the relevant medical department and you need to bring the following documents:

  • Verpleegkundige en patienta valid ID (passport, driver’s licence, identity card, aliens' document);
  • a health insurance card;
  • the name and address details of your GP or other referrer;
  • a referral note from your GP or other referrer;
  • X-rays, MRI scans, etc.


The authorities require each patient to identify him or herself. The identification requirement applies to everyone, including children. As of 2012, children in the Netherlands can no longer be included in the passport of their parents. Children do need to show identification when they need medical care. Therefore, the LUMC will ask for your proof of identity. On your ID card is also your Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer, BSN), which the LUMC has to register by law. Hospitals use the BSN for exchange of data with other health care providers and insurers.

Always bring your ID, also at subsequent appointments. 

Opening hours

The registration desk in the main hall is open from Monday to Friday from 7:45 to 16:30. Registration before your first appointment may take some time. Therefore, we kindly request you to arrive fifteen minutes before your first appointment.

Other department

If you have registered before at another LUMC department, please bring your old registration card.

Change of details 

All your details are registered under the same number. In this way for any subsequent visit your file is complete and no information required for your treatment is lacking. Therefore, always inform the relevant department of any changes in your personal details as soon as possible. After the changes have been processed you will receive a new registration card.

If you move please send a change of address and include your patient number to

Registration of new born infants 

New born infants are registered on the health-care insurance policy of one of the parents. If you know the policy number when admitted to hospital please inform the secretary of your ward. After your discharge from hospital please inform the patient administration of your policy number: telephone number 071 - 526 2794 or e-mail address: