The LUMC is committed to a non-smoking generation

Every year approximately 20.000 people die due to the consequences of cancer. It is the number one cause of illness and early decease that we can prevent. The LUMC wants to see children grow up in a non-smoking environment and that people are not tempted to light a cigarette. Furthermore, as an academic medical center, we have to act as a role model when it comes to healthy behavior. Not only for our patients, but also for visitors, employees, students and society as a whole. That is why we are committed to a non-smoking generation.

 “A non-smoking LUMC means no more smoking on our entire terrain. So also not on our porch or in front of the entrances of the buildings. Everyone should be able to enter our buildings smoke free.”     

Since December 2018, the terrain of our main entrance has been smoke free. We aim to have our entire terrain smoke free by 2020. We want our employees, students, patients and visitors to be aware of the consequences of smoking and that they know where they can go for help if they want to quit. This means that you, as a (future) colleague of the LUMC, can enroll in our special quit-smoking-program by Sinefuma. In any case, we will do anything within our capabilities to support you in your quest to quit smoking. 

Will you support us with creating a non-smoking generation?