Our culture

The dedication and motivation of our staff determines the quality of our services. And we are happy to reciprocate. At LUMC we reward talent in several ways.

Thoughtful, open-minded, dependable

The strength of LUMC lies in the commitment, openness and reliability on the part of our staff members and on our part as employer. The ambitions we cite in our mission can only succeed if our staff are motivated and inspired.

Such application demands commitment, and one of the ways in which this is expressed is how we work together. It means taking an interest, being empathic, watching out for your colleagues – a willingness to help one another.

Our managerial staff and our employees each have their own responsibilities in working towards our common goals of increasing the organisation’s knowledge and continual learning. Openness is essential for this. It means that, as an employer, LUMC listens to its employees and that together, we seek possibilities and solutions.

We feel that being dependable and putting your trust in others at work and in other relationships is expressed in a culture in which we can all perform to the best of our abilities in surroundings that are safe, where people show conscientiousness, care and respect.

Working at LUMC is characterised by cooperation, development and respect. Thoughtful, Open-Minded and Dependable.