Employee parking facilities

LUMC employees can make use of the car park against a fee. The rate for employees is € 0.60 per day, unless you live within a radius of 5 km from the LUMC. In that case, if you park between 5:00 am – 13:30 pm you have to pay the visitor’s rate. If you have an electric car you can charge it on the 12th floor of the car park while you work.


In principle employees pay € 0.60 per day for parking. If you live relatively close to the LUMC (within 5 km), you pay the visitor’s rate for part of the day. Your P&O advisor can tell you whether you live inside the 5 km radius. 

Monday - Friday  5.00 - 13.30     visitor fee
Monday - Friday 13.30 - 5.00 employee rate, € 0,60 per day 
weekend / holidays     all day employee rate, € 0,60 per day 


You can enter and leave the car park with your LUMC badge. Your parking fee will be settled:
  • with your salary (blue badge, except unpaid employees or those with a zero-hours contract)
  • or automatically deducted through direct debit (other badges).

Parking on your first day

On your first day at work in the LUMC, you can also use the car park. Collect a parking ticket to enter the car park, and hand it in at the Personnel Service Center when you collect your staff ID badge. You will receive a free exit ticket with wich you can leave the car park at the end of your day.

Direct debit for parking rates

If you have a green or a black badge, or a blue badge if you are unpaid or you have a zero-hours contract, you can complete a direct debit form at the Personnel Service Centre (Servicepunt Personeel), so that the LUMC can automatically deduct the parking rates from your account. 


During the day the ground floor of the car park is reserved for visitors. The following exceptions apply:
  • exemption on medical grounds
  • disabled parking badge
  • night shifts
  • vignette Veiligheid & Milieu. 

More information

  • Should you have any questions about the LUMC parking facilities, make sure to discuss them during your appointment interview, or contact Parking services via 071 526 2971. Parking services are located in the lodge between the entrance and exit of the car park.
  • New employee? Please make sure to read the information on the page New employees.