UMC Health Insurance

You and your immediate family members may join the UMC Health Insurance scheme (Zorgverzekering), a group health insurance arranged by the university medical centres for all their employees. The UMC Health Insurance offers you and your family members a group discount on the basic health insurance and the additional packages. As an employee you are also eligible to an extra premium discount on the additional packages.

Who may take out UMC Health Insurance?

You may join the UMC Health Insurance scheme if you:
  • have an employment contract with the LUMC, irrespective of the number of hours you work; 
  • are a trainee specialist (aios). You may join the UMC Health Insurance scheme for the entire time you follow the training programme at the LUMC and you are also entitled to the discounts during this time. This also covers the time immediately before or after the training programme when you are posted to a general hospital or if you are temporarily employed there.
You are also entitled to take out the UMC Health Insurance for your immediate family members:
  • your spouse or registered partner; 
  • your life partner; if you live together long-term and you have entered into a cohabitation agreement drawn up before a civil-law notary; 
  • children up to 30 years of age living as part of the household.

What are the UMC Health Insurance premiums you have to pay?

You pay through your salary a nominal UMC Health Insurance premium. On those premiums you get some discounts. Please refer to the 2021 Premium Table for an overview of premiums and discounts (Premietabel 2016).

When you conclude a UMC Health Insurance, you pay the first premium by means of acceptance giro. After that the LUMC automatically deducts the nominal premium from your salary.

How to apply for the UMC Health insurance?

If you wish, you can apply for the UMC Health Insurance as soon as you enter into LUMC employment. You are not obliged to wait until 1 January (the usual moment to switch to another health insurance).

You can apply for the health insurance via the UMC Health Insurance website. You will need your salary number and the LUMC’s collectivity number to do so. This means you cannot apply before you have received your first LUMC salary (the salary number will be on your salary slip). By that time you will find more information about the UMC Health Insurance on the intranet. The Personnel Service Center will be glad to advise you as well. 

What else do you have to take into account?

  • Under the UMC Health Insurance scheme you are also covered for medical expenses abroad. For more information on this matter please refer to the website of the UMC Health Insurance.
  • If you leave LUMC employment you may keep your UMC Health Insurance if you wish. In some cases (pension, redundancy) you retain your premium group discount. 
  • If you wish to change to another health insurance provider, usually you can only do so as of 1 January, unless you switch to another group health insurance. That often can be done year round.

More information

  • For more information about reimbursement and the packages of the UMC Health Insurance please refer to the UMC Health Insurance website.
  • New employee? Please make sure to read the information on the page New employees.