Loyalis income and pension supplements

As a LUMC member of staff you may take out insurance or purchase products from Loyalis to supplement your income or pension. The LUMC has special agreements with Loyalis about reduced premiums.

Loyalis provides the following insurances:

  • occupational disability insurance (arbeidsongeschiktheidsverzekering)
  • survivor’s insurance (nabestaandenverzekering)
  • annuity policy (lijfrente)
  • single-premium policy (koopsom)

The Loyalis insurances link up well with the LUMC staff pension scheme from ABP. To better understand your financial situation, sign up for Mijn Loyalis (My Loyalis). 


The premium or the amount you pay varies by product. The premium for the disability insurance is deducted from your salary. That provides tax benefits. The premium for the other products you pay yourself directly to Loyalis.

More information

  • For more information about Loyalis and its products please refer to Loyalis.nl.
  • New employee? Please make sure to read the information on the page New employees.