Additional appointment conditions

Some job categories have additional appointment conditions. Those are listed below.

Working in or training for a position in patient care

Will you be working in or training for a position in patient care? In that case we will need to verify if your position will hold any health risks for you. That is why we need you to send us the following:

  • a filled in and signed personal health declaration.
  • a copy of your immunization booklet, showing the details of your Hepatitis B vaccination (date and titer results).
Send these document by email to The Health department will inform you about the further procedure. 

Medical examination

In addition to the personal statement, a personal health declaration is required for the following positions. The examination focuses on the prevention of infections. Appointment is not possible without completion of the examination and approval by the company doctor:

  • Physician assistants (whether or not in training);
  • Cutting specialist (whether or not in training) as surgeon, physician, gynecologist, dermatologist;
  • Radiodiagnostic employee category A;
  • Anesthesiologist;
  • Perfusionist;
  • Operation assistant;
  • Anesthesia assistant;
  • Midwife;
  • Employee central sterilisation department (CSD);
  • Students: nurses in training, surgical assistant, anesthesia assistant, radio diagnostic laboratory, student CSD;
  • Members of the house emergency services who wear compressed-air masks;
  • Vacciniawerker: employee who studies the vaccinia virus

MRSA: test before you leave

As you filled out your personal health declaration, did you answer 'yes' to at least one of the 5 questions about MRSA? Make sure to contact the Health department as soon as possible (071 526 8015) to start an MRSA-screening. Make sure to do this at the latest 4 weeks before your first day at work at the LUMC. You will not be allowed to work in direct patient care until the test is carried out and the results are negative.

To speed up this process, you may choose to have an MRSA test before your departure to the Netherlands. If the results are negative and the screening took place no longer than two weeks before your departure, you will be allowed to work in the LUMC. However, you are still required to take a definite test at the Health department.

MRI Screening

Will you be working in MR suites? If that is the case, please fill out the screening form and send it on to the Department of Safety, Health and Environment via e-mail The company doctor uses the screening to assess whether it is safe for you to be working with the MR facilities. The company doctor will contact you, should there be any contraindication for working in MR suites.

Physician assistants

For physician assistants, whether in specialist medical training or not, the LUMC have established an Instruction Physician Assistants as well as made arrangements for Supervision of Physician Assistants, in accordance with the Act on Professions in Individual Health Care Act (BIG Act).
If you will be appointed as assistant physician, you need to take note of both these regulations.

Doctoral candidates / PhD students

Will you be appointed as PhD Student? In that case the PhD regulations apply to you. These regulations contain specific agreements on the appointment, training and supervision, assessment, employment conditions and the end of the training. Please read the regulations carefully.

Please bring your original Master’s degree  and grades or a certified copy thereof with you to the appointment interview. Do you hold a degree other than a Dutch University Master? Then additional terms apply. Read more about these terms on the webpage Before your first day, under Diplomas.

Scientific researchers

Will you be conducting scientific research for the LUMC, whether or not appointed as researcher? Please take not of the information on Scientific Integrity in the LUMC.

Employees working on a zero hours contract

If you will be working under a zero hours contract, some specific employment conditions apply to you, apart from the general employment conditions.