Work-life balance

At the LUMC, we value a healthy work-life balance. We therefore offer our employees the possibility to work remotely. What we do specifically is determine the average amount of work hours you work annually and then determine with your manager how you wish to distribute those hours. Let’s say you have a workweek with an average of 36-hours, you can for instance work 40 hours one week and 32 hours another. What else we can offer you?

Extra leave
The LUMC has a flexible leave arrangement. Based on the collective labor agreement you have a right to a holiday leave that equals 9% of the working hours. If this proves insufficient, you can buy extra leave.

It’s also possible to work part-time at the LUMC. This makes it easier to combine work- and homelife. Should something change in your private life, for instance in your family life, it’s possible to discuss changing your working schedule.

Child careDo you have children and are you in need of child care services? Then you can use the LUMC’s very own child care facility called Langhors. Even as soon as being three months pregnant, you can apply for child care services at Langhors. 

We also offer other leave arrangements, such as calamity and health care leave.