Personal development

The LUMC is formed by our own employees. Talent, effort and collaboration determine the quality of our work. Therefore, we give you the space and opportunity to develop yourself. By investing in our colleagues, we want to ensure you continue to enjoy working with and for us. To this end, we offer multiple courses and training programs to help you develop yourself.

Education Healthcare sector
Education Healthcare sector provides basic and specialized training for nurses, education for medical support professions, such as clinical perfusionist, operating assistant and nurse anesthetist, and numerous other training courses for multiple professions in healthcare.

LUMC Learning portal
Once you are employed at the LUMC, you gain access to the LUMC Learning portal. In this learning portal, you will find all courses on subjects such as personal effectiveness, supervising and management, language and writing skills, safety and health, quality healthcare, and computer skills. In addition, we can provide custom-made courses for specific target groups. Our courses are accessible for free and as an employee, you can follow any course you like. You get to choose between workshops, several-day training courses, but also e-learnings. All courses are given by experienced trainers and stimulate professional and personal growth.

For managers
We have various tools, workshops, training courses and programs available to help you develop your management skills. In the coming years, managers will also follow intensive management programs. We have a course available for each management level. During these courses you will meet a lot of colleagues from different parts of the LUMC and you will help each other solve complex problems.

The career center
Whatever your role at the LUMC is, you will always be enabled to develop your skills. We stimulate your personal development and think about your career possibilities in- and outside the LUMC. We therefore have our own career center where our advisors can help you think about your career, development and plans for the future in which we take your personal qualities, motivations, goals and possibilities into consideration. We cannot provide you with clear-cut answers, but we can give you valuable insights, tips and skills to actively follow your set-out path.