Bicycle arrangement and reachability

We have a special bicycle arrangement for our employees that can give you a fiscal advantage when you purchase a new bicycle or e-bike. Even your insurance and other necessities are a part of this arrangement. When cycling to work, you can store your bicycle in one of our (supervised) and indoor bicycle sheds.

Public transport
The LUMC is located directly next to Leiden Central Station and is therefore easy to access by public transport. Leiden Central Station is also an ideal fallout base, having direct connections within the  Randstad  and the rest of the Netherlands. Thus, the LUMC is easy to reach by both bus and train. On top of this, you can get a discount on a bus membership pass from Arriva. 

Own transportWhen traveling by car, you can park in our parking garage. Depending on where you live, you can park at a highly reduced price. You can also use our commute arrangement to give you a fiscal advantage.