LUMC-strategie 2018-2023

Population health

The LUMC has chosen an unique profile that aligns with the major research challenges of today's society and our patients. We therefore intend to make a compelling and distinct contribution to regenerative medicine, oncology and population health.

Changes in society and demographic trends are putting pressure on our healthcare system. In addition to their innovations in academic care, UMCs are increasingly expected to contribute to healthcare solutions that will make care accessible and affordable now and in the future. This is why the LUMC has opted to prioritise population health. We believe that population health involves studying the transition from health to disease in the population and how to reduce the risk of disease, as well as developing and testing interventions to promote health. In view of its importance to society and the associated regional opportunities, the LUMC has chosen to maximise its efforts in this field.

The LUMC-Campus The Hague has made a promising start, in cooperation with research groups at the LUMC and Leiden University. We are focusing on promoting the health of large groups of people who have similar profiles, making use of data analytics. Infectious diseases also form a serious threat to public health, a concern that is at the heart of our new Leiden Controlled Human Infection Centre (L-CHIC).