Stiggelbout, Prof.dr. A.M. (Anne)

Area(s) of interest

  • Medical decision making, the role of patient preferences

Personal details

Human nutrition
Date PhD
4 October 1995
Trade-offs between quality and quantity of life; methodological aspects of outcome valuation in cancer patients
Inaugural lecture
15 February 2008
Kiezen of delen? Patiënten, percepties en preferenties
Date of accession
1 January 2007


In healthcare, decisions are made daily that involve trade-offs between costs and benefits. Costs not only refer to euros, but also to the side effects of treatment. The trade-offs are often subjective, which creates an opportunity for the patient in decision-making. There is, therefore, an increasing desire to take patient preferences into acount. It is a challenge to develop or refine methods of assessing patient preferences or to support patients in constructing a preference. Shared decision-making can thus be given shape through collaboration with clinicians. It is exciting to combine such themes with the teaching of these topics to medical students and clinicians.



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