Rensen, prof. dr. P.C.N. (Patrick)

Area(s) of interest

  • Metabolic aspects of vascular diseases

Personal details

Biopharmaceutical Sciences
Date PhD
4 March 1997
Apolipoprotein E: a modulator of lipid metabolism with therapeutic potential in drug targeting and sepsis.
Inaugural lecture
3 May 2013
Vet Kleurrijk
Date of accession
1 March 2012


Prof. dr. Patrick Rensen obtained his MSc and PhD degrees cum laude. He is Established Investigator of the Heart Foundation and received the Annual Dutch Vascular Medicine Award 2012, Dutch Pharmacology Award 2013, Nikkilä Memoral Lecture Award 2016 and Prof. dr. G.J. Tammeling Award 2016. He is chairman of the European Lipoprotein Club (ELC). Current grant support includes ZonMW, Heart Foundation, Diabetes Foundation, CVON, EFSD, CSC and LUMC. His research focuses on brown fat as a therapeutic target to combat obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Research Publications (selected)

1. Schilperoort M et al: the GPR120 agonist TUG-891 promotes metabolic health by stimulating mitochondrial respiration in brown fat. EMBO Mol Med 2018, e8047. 

2. Bartelt & Berbée et al: Thermogenic adipocytes promote HDL turnover and reverse cholesterol transport. Nat Commun 2017, 8: 15010.

3. Van den Berg SM et al. Immune modulation of brown(ing) adipose tissue in obesity. Endocrine Rev 2017, 38: 46-48.

4. Laurila PP et al: USF1 deficiency activates brown adipose tissue and improves cardiometabolic health. Science Transl Med 2016, 8: 323ra13.

5. Kooijman S et al: Prolonged daily light exposure increases body fat mas through attenuation of brown adipose tissue activity. PNAS USA 2015, 112: 6748-6753.

6. Berbée JFP et al: Brown fat activation reduces hypercholesterolemia and protects from atherosclerosis development. Nature Commun 2015, 6: 6356.

7. Kühnast S et al: Anacetrapib reduces progression of atherosclerosis, mainly by reducing nonHDL-cholesterol in APOE*3-Leiden.CETP mice. Eur Heart J 2015, 36: 39-50.

8. Bakker LEH & Boon MR et al: Brown adipose tissue volume in healthy lean south Asian adults compared with white Caucasians: a prospective, case-controlled observational study. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2014, 2: 210-217.

9. Stienstra R & Van Diepen JA et al: The inflammasome is a central player in induction of obesity and insulin resistance. PNAS USA 2011, 108:15324-15329.

10. Stienstra R et al: The inflammasome-mediated caspase-1 activation controls adipocyte differentiation and insulin sensitivity. Cell Metab 2010, 12: 593-605.

11. De Haan W et al: Torcetrapib does not reduce atherosclerosis beyond atorvastatin and induces more pro-inflammatory lesions than atorvastatin. Circulation 2008, 117: 2515-2522.

12. Rensen PCN et al: Human recombinant apolipoprotein E redirects LPS from Kupffer cells to liver parenchymal cells in rats in vivo. J Clin Invest 1997, 99: 2438-2445.

13. Rensen PCN et al: Selective liver targeting of antivirals by recombinant chylomicrons. Nature Med 1995, 1: 221


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