Quax, Prof.dr. P.H.A. (Paul)

Area(s) of interest

  • Experimental vascular medicine

Personal details

Date PhD
21 March 1991
Plasminogen activation, extracellular proteolysis and cancer
Inaugural lecture
20 June 2008
Sleutelen aan vaten
Date of accession
1 March 2007


Blood vessels and vascular cells play an important role in a wide range of pathophysiological processes, ranging from atherosclerosis, restenosis, neovascularisation and angiogenesis, wound healing and complications in type-2 diabetes and organ transplantations. A blood vessel is more than just a tube through which blood flows; it is a complex organ with many functions in which multiple cell types close interact in a way we only partly understand. My research focuses on increasing our knowledge of the vascular biology, the pathophysiological processes in the vessel wall and the processes involved in vascular remodeling. The goal is increasing our knowledge on functional processes in the vessel wall, in order to develop therapeutic interventions. In this translational research program a close collaboration between pre-clinical and clinical researchers is a key to success for developing the promising findings from the laboratory into new therapeutic approaches and implementing them in clinical practice.


Leiden University Medical Center
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The Netherlands

E-mail: p.h.a.quax@lumc.nl