Pereira Arias, Prof. dr. A.M. (Alberto)


  • neuroendocrinologie, stress, hypofyse, syndroom-en ziekte van Cushing


Datum promotie
27 juni 2000
Proefschrift titel
regulation of glucose production in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Datum oratie
22 november 2013
Titel oratie
De Zorg om Stress
1 nov 2012


Mijn missie is om de zorg voor patienten met zeldzame hormoonaandoeningen te verbeteren, door optimale afstemming tussen de verschillende zorgprofessionals, en door zorgvraag gedreven onderzoek te doen.


Internist-endocrinologist, in specific: pituitary disease and stress hormones

Scope of clinical practice:

Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology (11 clinical staff members (9 FTE), 5 non-clinical staff members, 3-7 clinical fellows), and Center for Endocrine Tumors (multidisciplinary center coordinated by endocrinologists, involving 10 departments and 5 patient-centered care pathways)

Responsibilities with practice  

  • Chair of the Academic Residency Program in Endocrinology
  • Chair of the Division of Endocrinology
  • Chair of the Leiden Pituitary Working Group
  • Chair of the Center for Endocrine Tumors
  • Chair of the Multidisciplinary Pathology meeting for residents in Internal Medicine


Innovative techniques that have changed or influenced practice

  • Development of patient-centered care pathways that include combined outpatient clinics with (neuro)surgeons. Multidisciplinary videoconferences and -consultations. Evaluation of quality of provided care from the patient’s perspective.

  • Development of a clinical and educational program for Endocrinology, and in specific, for pituitary diseases. 


Curriculum Bachelor of Science (Medicine):

- First year:         - Committee member ‘Blok Inleiding Klinische Geneeskunde’

- Blok Sturing & Regeling

- Third year:        - Committee member ‘Blok ‘Endocriene stoornissen’

- Committee member ‘Keuzeblok Geslachtshormonen’

- Committee member ’Kijken, Denken, Doen’

- Halve Minor: ‘ Translational Neuroscience’


Curriculum Master of Science (Medicine):

- Fourth year:    - Clinical skills teacher ‘Vroege Praktijk Contacten’

- Sixth year:        - Semi-arts; Scientific courses clinical projects

- Sixth year:        - supervisor ‘excellent students program in Endocrinology’


Curriculum Master of Biomedical Sciences:

- Third year:        - Committee Member ‘Hormones and Nervous System’

- FOS course 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016


Academic Residency Programs for specialization in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology:

- 1/11/2009-present: Chair of the Leiden Academic Residency Program of Endocrinology

- 1/11/2009-present: POC member National Clinical Course for fellows in Endocrinology

- Daily clinical supervision of residents in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology

- Chair Netherlands Board for Residency Programs in Endocrinology (under the auspicies of the Dutch Association for Internal Medicine)


Postgraduate courses (institutional and national):

  • Boerhaave course 2008: ‘Diagnostische Strategieen’

  • Boerhaave course 2011: ‘(kinder) Endocrinologie’

  •  Boerhaave course 2012: ‘Interne Geneeskunde:  Neuroendocriene tumoren’
  • Boerhaave course 2013: ‘Pathology and underlying genetics of inheritable human cancer and developmental defects: familial endocrinology’

  • Boerhaave course 2014: ‘ Interne Geneeskunde: Klassiekers opnieuw belicht: ‘ M Cushing’  

    - Chair Program organizing committee ‘Leiden Endocrinology Symposium’

    - Chair Program organizing committee ‘National Symposium of Neuroendocrinology’

    - Program organizing committee ‘Continuum in de Endocrinologie’

    - Program organizing committee ‘Nederlandse Internisten Dagen’ (2005-2010)


    International conferences and courses:

    - Program Organizing Committee ‘ International Congress of Endocrinology 2018 (ICE 2018, 1-3 Dec 2018 Cape Town, South Africa)

    - Faculty Member CAPITAL (Care for Pituitary Adenoma Leiden) Multidisciplinary Course (Leiden, 7-9 June 2017)

    - Chair Program Organizing Committee 2014 European Neuro-Endocrine Association (ENEA) Congress’ (Sofia, Bulgaria, 10-13 sept 2014)

    - Program organizing committee ‘European Neuroendocrine Congress’ (Vienna, 12-15 Sept 2012)



His research focuses on the long-term consequences of pituitary diseases in general, and on the effects of stress hormones on the central nervous system (CNS) in specific. This has elucidated long-term effects of hormone excess and/or deficiency on the CNS, and on other target organs affecting general well being and quality of life. This means that long-term remission does not equal cure, which has profound implications for the care of these patients. These observations are used as a model to delineate the effects of stress (hormones) on the CNS, and for the care this has led to innovative approaches, like development of disease specific criteria and tools for evaluation of the quality of care from the patient’s perspective. The studies are performed within the Center for Endocrine Tumors Leiden (CETL, which is chaired by Pereira), in collaboration with prof Meijer and Dr Biermasz (Endocrinology), Prof van der Wee (Pyschiatry, Dr van Furth (Neurosurgery, prof van Buchem (Neuroradiology), and prof Boon and Luyten (Ophthalmology). The CETL is an institutional TRF, and a national and European Reference Center playing a leading role in Europe through coordination of the European Reference Networks for patients with rare endocrine diseases.




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