Hogendoorn, Prof.dr. P.C.W. (Pancras)

Area(s) of interest

  • Pathology

Personal details

Date PhD
21 March 1990
Immunopathogenetic mechanisms in experimental glomerulonephritis
Inaugural lecture
19 March 1999
Vorm volgt functie


Pathology is an insightful profession. Various signs and symptoms of disease such as abdominal pain, forgetfulness and fever can be correlated with changes at a cellular level. My profession creates a certain awareness, demystification. Many patients with bone and soft tissue tumours are referred to our hospital. The patients first present to the general practitioner their pain, often around a joint. Following the clinical work up - blood analysis, scans etc - I eventually get to see the tumour cells under the microscope or even smaller at a DNA-level. From the growth pattern and the cytonuclear features one can tell whether the lesion is benign or malignant, crucial for the appropriate treatment. Clinical symptomatology alone is insufficient for diagnostic accuracy. This is what probably attracts me to the microscope and laboratory: the desire, the urge to know something at the scientific level with certainty. As few uncertainties as possible: these are the facts.



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