The DANTON study

The DANTON Study: Discontinuation of Antihypertensive Treatment in Older people with dementia living in a Nursing home

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A nationwide study to investigate the effects of stopping antihypertensive treatment on neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) in nursing home residents with dementia.


Prof. dr. Wilco Achterberg, MD, PhD, Professor of Care for Older People & Elderly Care Physician, LUMC
Drs. Jonathan Bogaerts, MD, PhD student, LUMC
Prof. dr. Jocabijn Gussekloo, MD, PhD, Professor of Geriatrics in Primary Care, LUMC
Drs. Bianca de Jong-Schmit, MD, PhD student & Elderly Care Physician in training, LUMC
Dr. Rosalinde Poortvliet, MD, PhD, Senior Researcher & General Practitioner, LUMC

Participating organizations

  • Aafje
  • ActiVite
  • Alrijne Woonzorg
  • Amaris Zorggroep
  • Argos Zorggroep
  • Coloriet
  • De Haven
  • De Warande
  • Humanitas
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  • Laurens
  • Lelie Zorggroep
  • Maas en Waal
  • Marente
  • Norschoten
  • Patyna
  • Riederborgh
  • Saffier
  • Salem
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  • WoonZorgcentra Haaglanden
  • Zonnehuisgroep Vlaardingen
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Drs. Jonathan Bogaerts, MD, PhD student, LUMC

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Aims of the DANTON study
The DANTON study investigates whether a gradual increase of blood pressure, by discontinuation of antihypertensive treatment, reduces NPS and improves quality of life. Furtermore, the effects on cognitive function, care dependency, psychotropic medication use, falls and cardiovascular safety will be assessed.

Methodology and Data collection
During an 8 month period, 492 nursing home residents with dementia and active antihypertensive treatment will be randomized in an intervention (discontinuation) and a control (continuation) group. Eligibility criteria require participants to have a diagnosis of moderate-severe dementia and a current systolic blood pressure ≤160 mmHg. Older adults will be excluded if they have moderate-severe heart failure, a recent history of a cardiovascular event, a reperfusion procedure, or a life-expectancy of less than 4 months. The co-primary outcome measures are the in change NPS and quality of life.


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de Jong-Schmit BEM, Poortvliet RKE, Böhringer S, Bogaerts JMK, Achterberg WP, Husebo BS. Blood pressure, antihypertensive medication and neuropsychiatric symptoms in older people with dementia: the COSMOS study. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2020 Aug 3.