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Brief description

Implementation of the multidisciplinary guideline on chronic pain in vulnerable nursing home residents to improve recognition and treatment.


Dr. Lizanne van den Akker, researcher, LUMC
Prof. dr. Wilco Achterberg, professor of Elderly Care Medicine, LUMC
Dr. Margot de Waal, senior researcher, LUMC


Dr. Margot de Waal

Participating organisations

Nursing home Zonnehuisgroep Vlaardingen
Nursing home Thebe Elisabeth, Goirle                  

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Many residents in nursing homes experience pain. The recognition and treatment of pain presents challenges, especially in persons with dementia. These are addressed in the Dutch multidisciplinary guideline 'Recognition and treatment of chronic pain in vulnerable elderly', but translating guidelines into practical strategies for nursing homes is often difficult. In this project, we implement the guideline in two nursing homes, and evaluate the process and outcomes. Also, a toolkit is developed for nursing homes that want to implement the guideline in the future. The researchers used interviews, questionnaires, and document analyses to investigate the nursing home's implementation of the guideline.

In collaboration with

Verenso, the Dutch Association for Elderly Care Physicians
IVM, the Dutch Institute for Rational Use of Medicine 




Toolkit implementatie richtlijn Pijn bij kwetsbare ouderen [in Dutch]