Family involvement in intervention for challenging behaviour in advanced dementia

Family involvement in a stepwise multidisciplinary intervention for challenging behaviour and pain in advanced dementia.

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Brief description

This project expands a stepwise intervention that addresses challenging behaviour and pain in nursing home residents with dementia by involving family caregivers.


Petra Tasseron-Dries, MSc., PhD candidate, LUMC and nurse practitioner Warande
Hanneke Smaling, MSc., PhD, senior researcher, LUMC/UNC-ZH
Prof. Wilco Achterberg, MD, PhD, Professor of Institutional Care and Elderly Care Medicine, LUMC
Jenny van der Steen, MSc., PhD, FGSA, Associate Professor, LUMC

Participating organisations



Petra Tasseron, MSc, PhD candidate

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The aim of this project is to explore how family can be involved in the care for their relative with dementia, especially in the management of challenging behaviour and pain. To this end we will perform: 1) a qualitative study examining the experiences with family involvement in the Namaste Care Family Programme; 2) a literature review on best practices for involving family caregivers in interventions aimed at unmet needs of people with dementia in nursing homes; 3) a mixed-method study to modify the STA OP! intervention in order to enhance family caregivers' involvement in managing challenging behaviour and pain. This mixed methods study includes: a) development of a modified STA OP! intervention in collaboration with family caregivers, healthcare professionals and experience experts by experience; b) implementation and evaluation of the modified STA OP! intervention.




Tasseron-Dries, P. E., Smaling, H. J., Doncker, S. M., Achterberg, W. P., & van der Steen, J. T. (2021). Family involvement in the Namaste Family Care program for dementia: A qualitative study on experiences of family, nursing home staff, and volunteers. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 103968.