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Short description

Qualitative study on COVID-19 management in nursing homes by outbreak teams.


Prof Dr. Wilco Achterberg, professor of the Care of Older People, LUMC
Prof. Dr. Sytse Zuidema, professor of Elderly Care Medicine, UMCG
Dr. Monique Caljouw, assistent professor, LUMC
Dr. Sarah Janus, senior researcher, UMCG
Dr. Hanneke Smaling, senior researcher, LUMC
Dr. Margot de Waal, senior researcher, LUMC
Lisa van Tol, MSc., PhD student, LUMC     


Lisa van Tol       

Participating organizations

Aafje, Accolade, ActiVite, Allévio, Argos Zorggroep,
BrabantZorg, De Hoven, De Wever, De Zorggroep, Envida,Groenhuysen, Interzorg, Kalorama, Kwadrant, Lentis,Liberein, Livio, Marente, Meander, Mijzo,Zorggroep Noorderboog, Noorderbreedte, Noorderzorg, Norschoten, Pieter van Foreest,PZC Dordrecht, SurPlus, SVRZ, tanteLouise, Terweel,Topaz, Trant Zorggroep, Trivium Meulenbelt Zorg, WVO Zorg, Zonnehuisgroep VlaardingenZonnehuisgroep Noord, Zorgcentra De Betuwe, Zorggroep Groningen, Zorgstroom, Zuyderland   

Start study

April 2020                              

Expected completion

November 2021 


The aim of the "COVID-19 management in nursing homes by outbreak teams" (MINUTES) study is to describe the challenges, responses, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Dutch nursing homes.

This is a national study with 41 large Dutch LTC organizations participating. These participating organizations shared the minutes and other meeting documents of their COVID-19 outbreak teams on a weekly basis. Data was collected from April 2020 to October 2021.

These data are analyzed using qualitative content analysis. Besides, data was summarized in weekly to triweekly policy reports that were shared as policy input with the participating organizations, the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport, the Chief Nursing Officer, and professional associations for elderly care physicians, nurses, and nursing homes.

In collaboration with

University Medical Center Groningen, University Network care for Older persons (UNO-UMCG)


Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, University Network for the Care sector Zuid-Holland (UNC-ZH)