Quality of life in dementia

One of UNC-ZH's three research themes is Quality of life in dementia. An overview of the research on this subject by the university network:

Ongoing studies

A garment-integrated artificial intelligence-based sensor system for early detection of stress in people with impaired cognition.

Developing a toolkit for the best practices that offer mEaNingful ACTivities for nursing home residents with dementia in the Netherlands.

A research project regarding the improvement of transitions within and between nursing homes.

Corona research nursing homes
COVID-19 MINUTES - Qualitative study on COVID-19 management in nursing homes by outbreak teams.

CovId-19 and SOcial isoLATion in dEmentia care (ISOLATE): impact and needs of people with dementia, informal carers and healthcare professionals.

The effect of daily garden use
A dissertation on the effect of daily garden use on quality of life (QoL) in persons with advanced dementia living in a nursing home, and on the implementation of this intervention.

Maintaining meaningful activities in dementia during transition
This project aims to investigate how persons with dementia and their informal caregivers can be supported with maintaining meaningful activities during the transition from home to nursing home.

Family involvement in intervention for challenging behaviour in advanced dementia
Family involvement in a stepwise multidisciplinary intervention for challenging behaviour and pain in advanced dementia.

The DANTON study
The DANTON study: Discontinuation of Antihypertensive Treatment in Older people with dementia living in a Nursing home.

Getting pain recognized and treated
This project aims to improve pain treatment for nursing home residents and transfer to primary care.

Namaste Care Family Programme
Increasing the involvement of family caregivers and volunteers in caring for people with dementia: further development and implementation of the Namaste Care Family Programme.

Q-PID study - Effect of paracetamol in dementia
A Dutch study assessing the effect of paracetamol on quality of life, functioning, care dependency, neuropsychiatric symptoms, and pain in persons with advanced dementia living in long-term care facilities.

Vit D-UVB study
A multicentre randomized controlled trial which compares the effect of vitamin D supplementation versus ultraviolet light irradiation on the well-being of nursing home residents with dementia.

A European study on the psychometric properties of PAIC: a new and universal meta-tool to measure pain in persons with dementia.