Palliative care in dementia

Palliative care provision is an important part of nursing homes. This care is multidisciplinary and requires specific knowledge. The UNC-ZH wants to use research to better map and improve palliative care for the elderly in dementia and care for the informal caregivers.

Ongoing research

Supporting family caregivers of nursing home residents with dementia in advance care planning.

The CONT-END Program
Research into attempts to CONTrol the END of life in people with dementia: Two-level approach to examine controversies (CONT-END).

Developing a question prompt list for the later stage of life with dementia
Developing and evaluating a question prompt list for people with dementia and their relatives. The question prompt list aims to encourage conversations with relatives and with professional caregivers about the later stages of life and palliative care, and to facilitate decision making about treatment and care. This question prompt list provides information and sample questions.