INTERprofessionAl CollaboraTIOn in Nursing homes

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Brief description

This project aims to optimize interprofessional collaboration (IPC) in long-term care (LTC) and geriatric rehabilitation (GR).


  • Arno J. Doornebosch. MSc, Coordinator UNC-ZH, and PhD candidate, LUMC
  • Dr. Hanneke Smaling, senior researcher, LUMC
  • Prof. Dr. Wilco Achterberg, professor of the Elderly Care Medicine, LUMC

Participating organisations

(Not yet known)              


Arno J. Doornebosch. MSc.

Start study

1 March 2021 

Expected completion



The increasing complexity of care for older people in nursing homes demands optimization of collaboration between healthcare workers, patients, and informal caregivers. This project aims to enhance interprofessional collaboration (IPC) in long-term care (LTC) and geriatric rehabilitation (GR).

We are currently conducting a systematic review with the primary aim to identify the facilitators of and barriers to IPC in LTC and GR settings. A secondary aim is to provide an overview of instruments used to assess IPC in LTC and GR.             

In the following steps, we will: 1) conduct a qualitative study on IPC in nursing homes during daily practice, 2) carry out an intervention study to enhance IPC in nursing homes, and 3) formulate recommendations on how to optimize IPC in nursing homes. 




Arno J. Doornebosch, Hanneke J.A. Smaling & Wilco P. Achterberg. Interprofessional collaboration in long term care and geriatric rehabilitation: a systematic review. Poster presentation EuGMS 2021.