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NEglect Assessment in geriatric Rehabilitation

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A Dutch study to provide more insight into the process of VSN assessment in GR and into the stroke population with VSN during and after GR. The outcomes of the study will improve VSN assessments in GR neurorehabilitation and will ameliorate problems due to VSN in GR patients.


Martine Bosma MNR, PhD candidate, LUMC and Zorggroep Florence
Prof. Dr. Wilco Achterberg, professor of Elderly Care Medicine, LUMC
Dr. Monique Caljouw, assistant professor, LUMC
Dr. T.C.W. Tanja Nijboer, associate professor, UU & Kenniscentrum Revalidatiegeneeskunde Utrecht


Martine Kant-Bosma

Participating organizations

Zorggroep Florence
Pieter van Foreest

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More than 20% of geriatric rehabilitation (GR) in the Netherlands concerns stroke patients. Visuospatial neglect (VSN) is a common disorder after stroke and has a negative impact on patients' length of stay and ADL. Assessment of VSN is important, but not a standard procedure in GR. Investigating the feasibility of VSN assessment in GR should be a priority. Although VSN appears to hamper participation and increase caregiver burden, not many studies have investigated this aspect. More knowledge about possible difficulties in participation enables us to better guide patients and caregivers, and use the data to improve future assessment of VSN. Investigation of problems in patient participation and caregiver burden is therefore important. The overall aim of this study is to provide more insight into the process of VSN assessment in GR and to provide more insight into the stroke population with VSN during and after GR. The results will make improvement of VSN assessment and a better understanding of problems due to VSN in GR possible.

Netherlands Trial register: NL9076 (publicly accessible at METC: N20.094         

In collaboration with

Zorggroep Florence and UNC-ZH


Zorggroep Florence


Bosma MS, Caljouw MAA, Benfield JK, Edwards L, Nijboer TCW, Achterberg WP. Routines and Structures in the Assessment of Visuospatial Neglect in Rehabilitation Facilities: Current Practice in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.OBM Geriatrics 2021;5(1):15; doi: 10.21926/obm.geriatr.2101163.

Bosma MS, Caljouw MAA, Nijboer TCW & Achterberg WP. (2020, 26 October). NEglect Assessment in geriatric Rehabilitation.Netherlands Trial Register

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Bosma MS & Nijboer TCW. (2018, 21 June). Better diagnosis of visual neglect in patients with brain injuries in Geriatric Rehabilitation. Studio GRZ.