FIT-HIP: Fear of falling InTervention in HIP - fracture geriatric rehabilitation

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Brief description

This study evaluates the effectiveness, feasibility, and costs of a multi-component cognitive behavioural intervention programme aimed at reducing fear of falling after hip fracture.


Maaike Scheffers-Barnhoorn, MSc. / MD and PhD student, LUMCProf. Dr. Wilco Achterberg, professor of Elderly Care Medicine, elderly care physician, LUMC
Dr. Monica van Eijk, senior researcher and elderly care physician, LUMC


M.N. Scheffers-Barnhoorn

Participating organizations

Aafje, Zorghotel Maasstad Ziekenhuis, Rotterdam
Argos Zorggroep, Marnix Revalidatiecentrum, Vlaardingen
Florence, Het Gulden Huis, Den Haag
Laurens, Antonius Binnenweg, Rotterdam
Laurens, Intermezzo Zuid, Rotterdam
Marente, Van Wijckerslooth, Oegstgeest
Pieter van Foreest, De Bieslandhof, Delft
Topaz, Revitel, Leiden
Saffier, Mechropa, Den Haag
WZH, Prinsenhof, Leidschendam
Zonnehuisgroep Vlaardingen, Het Zonnehuis, Vlaardingen                      

Start study


Expected completion

End of 2021 


Patients who have experienced a hip fracture often report concerns about falling. This 'fear of falling' can lead to activity restriction, and consequently impede functional recovery. At present there are no treatment programs that address fear of falling in this specific target population.

For this purpose, the FIT-HIP intervention was designed; a multi-component cognitive behavioural intervention approach for the treatment of fear of falling after hip fracture in an inpatient geriatric rehabilitation setting. The FIT-HIP study aimed to assess the effects, feasibility, and costs of this FIT-HIP intervention program.

A cluster randomized controlled trial was performed to compare usual care in inpatient geriatric rehabilitation to usual care + the added FIT-HIP intervention. In the period March 2016 - January 2017, participants were recruited from eleven participating geriatric rehabilitation units.         

In collaboration with

Maastricht University (Prof. Dr. Jos Schols, Prof. Dr. Ruud Kempen, Dr. Jolanda van Haastregt)


ZonMw (The Netherland Organization for Health Research and Development); grant number 839120004. SBOH (employer of elderly care medicine trainees, and the Leiden University Medical Centre (training centre for Elderly Care Physicians) additionally supported this study.


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