CREATE - Challenging Rehabilitation Environment

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Brief description

This study aims to conceptualize the term challenging rehabilitation environment (CRE) and to develop a measuring tool for this environment.


Prof. Dr. Wilco Achterberg, professor of Elderly Care Medicine, LUMC
Dr. Bianca Buijck, integrated care coordinator RSS and driving force in GRZ - de Zorgboog - Oktober cooperation
Dr. Els Derksen, coordinator UKON and researcher at Radboud UMC
Lian Tijsen, MSc., PhD student LUMC, and physiotherapist specialized in geriatrics, Zorgboog


Lian Tijsen

Participating organizations

Oktober Blader and de Zorgboog Bakel                 

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Most geriatric rehabilitation wards in the Netherlands have a CRE. However, because there is no official definition of CRE, wards differ considerably in their interpretation and execution of CRE. Influencing factors for CRE include: therapy intensity, group training, independent practice, family participation, task-oriented training, enriched environment and team dynamics.

The aim of the CREATE study is to substantiate the added value of the concept of CRE. We explore the perspectives of professionals, rehabilitants and their informal caregivers regarding CRE. By integrating these with the evidence found in the literature, an evidence-based conceptualization of CRE can be formed.

This will be the basis for developing a tool for measuring CRE on rehabilitation wards as well as a toolbox for optimizing CRE on wards.    

In collaboration with

Oktober Bladel and de Zorgboog Bakel


Cooporation GR de Zorgboog en Oktober


L.M.J. Tijsen MSc, E.C.W. Derksen PhD, Prof. dr. W.P. Achterberg MD, B.I. Buijck PhD. Challenging rehabilitation environment. Poster presentation EuGMS 2021

L.M.J. Tijsen MSc, dr. E.W.C. Derksen, Prof. dr. W.P. Achterberg, dr. B.I. Buijck. Challenging rehabilitation environment for older persons; a narrative review. Poster presentation EuGMS 2019

Tijsen, L.M.J., Derksen, E.W.C., Achterberg, W.P., Buijck, B.I. Challenging rehabilitation environment for older patients. Clinical interventions in ageing. 2019:14 1451-1460 DOI: 10.2147/CIA.S207863