Geriatric Rehabilitation

Within the Geriatric Rehabilitation theme, the network is conducting research into interventions that can reduce fear of falling, the effects of comorbidity on recovery and recovery promotion in the older target group. Below are the studies in the field of geriatric rehabilitation.

Ongoing researches

A European study on care and recovery of post-COVID-19 patients in geriatric rehabilitation.

eHealth in geriatric rehabilitation. Research on the effectiveness, feasibility and usability of eHealth interventions in older adults in geriatric rehabilitation.

Challenging Rehabilitation Environment. This study aims to conceptualize the term challenging rehabilitation environment (CRE) and to develop a measuring tool for this environment.

Pain in aphasia
The aim of this research project is to investigate how to measure pain in persons with aphasia in a valid and reliable manner when unable to self-report.

NeAR study
Neglect Assessment in geriatric Rehabilitation. A Dutch study to provide more inside into the process of VSN assessment in GR and to provide more insight into the stroke population with VSN during and after GR.

Fear of falling InTervention in HIP - fracture geriatric rehabilitation. This study evaluates the effectiveness, feasibility and costs of a multi-component cognitive behavioral intervention program aimed at reducing fear of falling after hip fracture.