EU-COGER – European cooperation in geriatric rehabilitation research after COVID-19

Short description

A European study on care and recovery of post-COVID-19 patients in geriatric rehabilitation.


  • Prof. Dr. Wilco Achterberg, professor of the Care of Older People, LUMC
  • Prof. Adam Gordon, professor of the Care of Older People, University of Nottingham (UK)
  • Dr. Monique Caljouw, assistent professor LUMC
  • Dr. Stefan Grund, senior researcher, Universität Heidelberg (DE)
  • Dr. Miriam Haaksma, senior researcher, LUMC
  • Lisa van Tol, MSc., PhD student, LUMC

Participating organisations

50 healthcare centers from 8 countries are already participating in the EU-COGER study. The participating countries are: the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Russia.


Dr. Miriam Haaksma, senior researcher 

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Aims of the EU-COGER study

1. To gain insight into recovery of older Covid-19 patients during and after stay at a rehabilitation department. 

2. To gain insight into the content of post-Covid-19 rehabilitation in various European countries: What treatment strategies are used? Which professionals are involved? 

Study results will contribute to improved post-Covid-19 rehabilitation care.

Data collection: regular care data

Data will be collected at 4 timepoints: at admission, at discharge, 6 weeks and 6 months after discharge from the rehabilitation department. Only information that is readily available from regular care practice will be collected. No additional questionnaires or tests need to be performed. Data collection includes medical history, symptoms, functional status (at admission and after discharge), quality of life, length of stay, etc. 

What does study participation entail? 

Each participating rehabilitation department appoints a local study coordinator. This coordinator is responsible for entering the data in the online database (Castor). This will take approximately 10 minutes per post-COVID client. Follow-up questionnaires (6 weeks and 6 months after discharge) will be conducted by telephone.

Signing up and contact 
Do you work in a (geriatric) rehabilitation department? And would you like to contribute to this important study? Please contact us via 

In collaboration with

The Special Interest Group (SIG) for geriatric rehabilitation of the European Geriatric Medicine Society (EuGMS). 


Factsheet EU-COGER first 100 inclusions Jan 2021


Grund, S., Caljouw, M.A.A., Haaksma, M.L. et al. Pan-European Study on Functional and Medical Recovery and Geriatric Rehabilitation Services of Post-COVID-19 Patients: Protocol of the EU-COGER Study”. J Nutr Health Aging (2021).


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