Corona studies UNC-ZH

To learn from the corona pandemic, several corona studies have been initiated in our network. The research often takes place in collaboration with other organizations.

EU-COGER: international research on geriatric rehabilitation after COVID-19

To gain more insight into the course of functional and medical recovery in geriatric rehabilitation after COVID-19 infection, international research institutes are collaborating on this study. Read more

Corona research nursing homes - Outbreak teams and panel discussions

On the basis of the minutes of the outbreak teams in the nursing homes, information is collected about what is going on and what is urgent in the nursing homes. Weekly analysis and reporting provide an up-to-date status for organizations themselves and stakeholders. The research into the minutes of the outbreak teams reveals various items that play a major role during the corona crisis. These are discussed in more detail in panel discussions. Read more

ISOLATE - COVID-19 and social isolation in dementia care

CovId-19 and SOcial isoLATion in dEmentia care (ISOLATE): impact and needs of people with dementia, informal carers and care professionals. Read more

Eye for loved ones further elaborated for COVID-19

The "Oog voor Naasten" method provides systematic pre- and aftercare in nursing homes and hospitals. This method is presently being elaborated for the context of the coronavirus. For more information contact UNC-ZH coordinator Palliative Care Marcella Tam.

Quality of life and death in dementia continues for COVID-19

The Quality of life and death in dementia study is almost completed and will be followed up immediately for the coronavirus pandemic. Researcher Maartje Klapwijk also works as an elderly care physician at the Marente care institution, which is part of the UNC-ZH network. For more information: Maartje Klapwijk.