Corona studies UNC-ZH

To learn from the corona pandemic, several corona studies have been started in our network. The researches often take place in collaboration with other authorities.

EU-COGER: international research on geriatric rehabilitation after COVID-19

To gain more insight into the course of functional and medical recovery in geriatric rehabilitation after COVID-19 infection, international research institutes are collaborating on this research. Read more

ISOLATE - COVID-19 and social isolation in dementia care

CovId-19 and Social isoLATion in dEmentia care (ISOLATE): impact and needs of people with dementia, informal carers and care workers. Read more

Eye for loved ones further elaborated for COVID-19

The "Oog voor Naasten" method provides a systematic pre- and aftercare in nursing homes and hospitals. This method is now being further elaborated for the corona virus. More information at UNC-ZH coordinator Palliative Care Marcella Tam.

Quality of life and death in dementia continues for COVID-19

The study Quality of life and death in dementia is almost complete and will now be followed up immediately for the corona pandemic. Researcher Maartje Klapwijk also works as a specialist in geriatric medicine at the care institution Marente from the UNC-ZH network. More information at Maartje Klapwijk.