The UNC-ZH aims to develop, disseminate and provide tools for applying knowledge on elderly care. Our researches put the vulnerable older persons in long term care central.

UNC-ZH has four research themes at the moment:

  • Corona studies Nursing homes
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation
  • Quality of life in dementia
  • Palliative care in dementia

Corona studies Nursing homes

Scientific research is important to learn from this corona crisis. The academic networks for elderly care put the analytical heads together for various studies in elderly care. In collaboration with nursing homes across the Netherlands, these studies provide a good and up-to-date picture.

View an overview of the corona studies of the networks here.

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Geriatric Rehabilitation care consists of the integrated multidisciplinary care aimed at restoring functioning and social participation in elderly people with a low physical capacity, after an acute condition or functional decline. The aim is to restore activities and participation in such a way that a return to the old living situation is possible.

View the studies by the UNC-ZH on geriatric rehabilitation here.

Quality of life in dementia

Quality of life in elderly people with dementia is aimed at finding a balance between positive and negative factors that influence the quality of life. Quality of life is experienced by elderly with dementia as well-being. 'Quality of life is an average well-being over a certain period in a certain environment.'

View the studies by the UNC-ZH on quality of life in dementia here.

Palliative care in dementia

Palliative care is multidisciplinary and requires specific knowledge. The UNC-ZH wants to use research to better map and improve palliative care for the elderly in dementia and care for loved ones.

View the studies by the UNC-ZH on palliative care in dementia here.