The University Network for the Care sector South Holland (UNC-ZH) is a collaboration between Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) and twelve care institutions in the province of South Holland. UNC-ZH aims to initiate, facilitate and conduct scientific research related to healthcare.

Our primary focus is on issues, problems, and questions within the practical context (care institutions). The aim of the joint implementation of scientific research is to improve the quality of life of care-dependent clients, to improve the quality of care, and to create a bridge between intra- and extramural care. 

Furthermore, UNC-ZH focuses on the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of expertise between members within the network, as well as the further dissemination of innovative insights from scientific research on themes that are relevant to our network.

UNC-ZH has three central research themes:

  • Geriatric rehabilitation
  • Quality of life in dementia
  • Palliative care in dementia

We improve care for older adults in nursing and care homes through scientific research, in a collaboration between LUMC and elderly care institutions in the province of South Holland. More information on the research projects will follow soon.

This English page is under development. As they become available, you will find the studies per research theme here:

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