A multicentre, randomised controlled trial comparing TRansanal minimal InvAsive Surgery (TAMIS) and endoscopic Submucosal dIsseCtion (ESD) for resection of non-pedunculated rectal lesions.

The TRIASSIC study was approved by the ethics committee (MREC) of the LUMC in December 2018. The TRIASSIC study is now open for inclusion.

Version 1.1

Centers approved by the MREC
• Alrijne Ziekenhuis
• Amsterdam UMC
• Amsterdam UMC
• Bravis Ziekenhuis
• Deventer Ziekenhuis
• Erasmus MC
• IJsselland Ziekenhuis
• Meander MC

MREC submission
• St. Antonius Ziekenhuis

Central and local submission
The Datacenter department of surgery of the LUMC will provide support for both central and local submission.

No financial compensation is available for this study.

Independent expert
The LUMC appointed an independent expert for this study. If your hospital wants to appoint your own independent expert you need to report this in on the  Research declaration (And include a signed resume).

More informationPlease contact the Datacenter Department of Surgery of the Leiden University Medical Center for more information: