Therapeutic strategy research

Clinical research focusses on identifying the best therapeutic strategy to treat arthritis, including the optimal timing of combinations of drugs and  innovative therapies in a setting of intensive follow up with goal orientated treatment adjustments. These studies are LUMC coordinated multicenter studies, in cooperation with the majority of rheumatology clinics in the southwest of the Netherlands .

Recent analysis of our studies has shown that with intensive therapy, up to 20% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis in the earliest stages can be spared from developing a chronic and destructive disease. Some of the findings have already been translated from trial to daily practice and introduce a new paradigm in the treatment of RA.

Our research aims at using the ‘window of opportunity’ for early identification of patients at risk and individualized therapy with optimal use of available therapeutic interventions.


Project management: Mw.Dr. C.F. Allaart