University of Pisa

The Regional Center of Nuclear Medicine is a specialist postgraduate medical institute of the Department of Translational Research and Advanced Technologies in Medicine and Surgery of the Univeristy of Pisa. The main research lines are focused on oncology, infectious/inflammatory, disease and neurology. The institute has a key experience in differential diagnosis for indeterminate nodular  breast lesions. A particular effort is dedicated to the development of new radiotracers for SPECT. Research in the field of breast cancer have covered different topics, all aiming at advancing  knowledge and improving nuclear medicine methods in diagnosis, staging, characterization, and monitoring the efficacy of therapy. The Regional Center of Nuclear Medicine is the site of several clinical trials in both diagnostic imaging agents and therapeutic agents (phase I, II and III); it also acts as imaging centre in a number of oncologic clinical trials. The Center if the reference Nuclear Medicine for the Academic Hospital, a fully equipped multidisciplinary hospital referring center for oncology, haematology and transplant, the bigger hospital in the Pisa area and the second in the region of Tuscany.