Hospital Clinic Barcelona

The Hospital Clinic Barcelona is an 860 bed general hospital divided in several institutes comprising all major medical specialties. Clinical research and patient care are clustered in these institutes. Medical Oncology, Surgery and diagnostic oncology (nuclear medicine, radiology, pathology) are the departments involved in the radioguided surgery and especially in sentinel node procedure. These departments are implicated in many research projects within the hospital as well as with other centres covering all major areas of cancer research. Translational research is an integrated activity of many research groups by collaboration between clinical and basic sciences. Nuclear Medicine department is involved in radioguided surgery since early 90’s and in sentinel node approach since 1996, being a pioneer in the development of this technique in Spain. In our institution sentinel node biopsy is performed in melanoma, breast, head and neck and penile cancers. On the other hand, gynaecological malignancies play a prominent part of the sentinel node duties and Hospital Clinic is a recognized centre in the development of this technique in Spain.