We aim to set up a multidisciplinary network through which the future generation scientists can learn all aspects involved in radioguided surgery, from tracer development, imaging device developments, navigation, image analysis to clinical evaluation and integration of the technology. By combining all aspects of modern radioguided surgery in a training network we aim to ensure and broaden the future clinical utilization of this exciting line of translational research and make high-end tools available for a wider population. At the same time we strive to significantly improve the current state of the art by combining different technologies mostly isolated today.

Research themes

Research themes aimed at advancing the field beyond the current state of the art are oriented toward:

  1. Validation of new (hybrid) imaging agents;
  2. Identification of future areas of expansion for the field of radioguided surgery;
  3. Development of new surgical imaging modalities that have hybrid imaging capacities;
  4. Implementation of augmented reality and surgical tracking technologies tailored to radioguided surgery;
  5. Introduction and validation of the technical developments in the clinic.