Education and Study Programs


The Department of Parasitology provides education on parasitological subjects, both within the regular curriculum (see Medicine and Biomedical Sciences,these pages are in Dutch only) and beyond.

Students : Research projects / internships
Within each section are many opportunities for students (study: Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, (Medical) Biology, Veterinary Medicine, university or applied sciences) for following a research internship in the laboratory or in the tropics. For further information see Student Research Internships.


Programs regarding parasitology are:

• Clinical parasitologist, as part of the training medical microbiologist
• Medical- biological researcher
• Laboratory assistant parasitology .

Parasitology is not an independent clinical specialism. The parasitological diagnosis is generally carried out in laboratories for microbiology or clinical chemical laboratories (for more information see Medical Specialist) .

SMBWO recognition as parasitological researcher can be obtained through the “Stichting Medisch Biologisch Wetenschappelijk Onderzoeker”. The training requirements include a PhD in the field of parasitology, participation in the post-graduate medical course “medisch-parasitologische diagnostiek”, and experience in the areas of clinical and diagnostic parasitology. Further information can be obtained from the secretary of the Dutch Society for Parasitology and the SMBWO.

The training of laboratory assistant Parasitology takes place within several HBO programs. The Department of Parasitology in Leiden provides extensive contributions to the post- graduate and post –academic education. See also Training and continuing education.