Dr. Hermelijn H. Smits

Associate Professor


  • Immunology
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Associate Professor


During my PhD-studies (Prof. M. Kapsenberg; AMC, Univ. of Amsterdam), I studied the flexibility of allergen-specific Th2 cells and the role of microbial priming of human dendritic cells for the development of regulatory T cells. During a subsequent post-doc period in the lab of Prof. B. Lambrecht (currently at Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium) the role of microbial-primed dendritic cells in protection against allergic airway inflammation was studied in different mouse models. Under auspices of a ZonMW-VENI grant (2006-2009) I continued in the lab of Prof M. Yazdanbakhsh (LUMC, Leiden) and investigated the causal relationship between chronic helminth infection and protection against allergic airway disease, focusing on the role of different helminth-induced regulatory cells in protection against allergic airway disease. This work formed the basis for current research line in which the role of helminth-induced regulatory B and T cells and dendritic cell modulation in protection against allergic diseases form important components.

Research interest

My main interest involves host immune regulation induced by worm parasites and other microbes that are part of our microbiome, and how they can protect against inflammatory diseases, such as allergy and asthma. The research is conducted both mouse models and in humans. The ultimate goal is to identify parasite-derived molecules and regulatory mechanisms that can be used for novel therapies of lung diseases such as allergic asthma. This work is currently supported by a VIDI grant from ZonMW and a Lung Foundation consortium grant.


Key publications

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