Dr. Govert van Dam


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  • Schistosomiasis
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Senior Researcher
Leiden Parasitoly Diagnostics Group (ParaDiag)

Area of interest(s):

  • Schistosomiasis
  • Diagnostics

Professional biosketch

After having performed his study Chemistry with a major in Analytical Chemistry, at the University of Utrecht, he started in 1988 as a Ph.D. student at the Department of Parasitology of the Medical Faculty of the Leiden University (later LUMC). He obtained his doctorate degree (cum laude) at the thesis 'Circulating gut–associated antigens of Schistosoma mansoni: biological, immunological, and molecular aspects', under prof. dr. A.M. Deelder, in 1995. Towards the end of his Ph.D. and after, he contributed as a research scientist to the following projects: "Epidemiology, serology and chemotherapy of Schistosoma in a recently exposed community near Richard Toll, Senegal" (STD3 –EG, 1993-1995), "Field applicable antigen assays for human schistosomiasis: a multi-centre development and implementation study" (INCO-DC EG, 1997 – 2001), "Diagnostic Tests for Tropical Diseases" (Biopartner First Stage Grant, 2005-2007), "Multi-disciplinary studies of human schistosomiasis in Uganda, Kenya and Mali: New perspectives on morbidity, immunity, treatment and control" (INCO EU, 2006 – 2010), and “Enhancing the CAA Assay for Diagnosis of Schistosomiasis” (SCORE, 2010 – currently). Overall, Dr. van Dam has experience for 25 years in research on schistosome circulating antigens and development of highly sensitive and specific immunodiagnostic assays, including field-applicable assays. One of the tests is now outsourced to a company in South-Africa and available as a commercial assay (urine POC-CCA, www.rapid-diagnostics.com).


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