Dr. Erliyani Sartono

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Senior Researcher


Erliyani graduated with a degree in Biology from University of Indonesia, after which she worked as a researcher in the Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (group of Felix Partono). In 1990, she obtained a NUFFIC fellowship for training in cellular immunology of parasitic infections in Leiden University. She then continued her PhD focusing on T cell responses in human lymphatic filariasis. After finishing her PhD, she obtained a post doctoral position at LUMC and is now conducting research and is coordinating field studies in the laboratory of Prof. Maria Yazdanbakhsh and supervising a number of Indonesian PhD students.

Research interest

Erliyani Sartono studies the relationship between nematode parasites and their human host. She is part of the team that examines the effect that nematodes have on coinfections and on allergies and more recently on diabetes. This is done through conducting immuno-epidemiological studies in areas where parasitic infections are highly endemic, such as on Flores Island in Indonesia, or in Bekasi area of Java. Not only school children but also newborn responses are examined to understand the effect parasitic infections have on the development of immune responses.  She has currently coordinated a large trial to assess the effect of anthelmintic treatment on malarial parasitemia, allergy and immune response. New studies planned for the forthcoming five years will address the relationship between helminth infections, energy balance and diabetes.

Key publications

Wammes LJ, Hamid F, Wiria AE, Wibowo H, Sartono E, Maizels RM, Smits HH, Supali T, Yazdanbakhsh M. Regulatory T cells in human lymphatic filariasis: stronger functional activity in microfilaremics. PLoS Negl Trop Dis. 2012 May;6(5):e1655.

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