City Guide

Leiden, Amsterdam and Den Haag

Dear visitor, to make the most of your visit to our university town we'd like to provide you with a few personal recommendations in our city.

Getting around

The city is small, and most destinations are easily reached on foot. Please note that there is not much Uber activity in Leiden (if any), regular taxi’s are just outside the central station (to your left). Another option is to rent a bike to get around.

If you're just meandering around town on foot, make sure not to miss The Burcht,  the ancient fortress in the middle of town, and the Hortus Botanicus of Leiden University.

The Burcht

Hortus Bonaticus 

You can also follow one of the walking city's tours. Besides walking alongside the canals, you can use the water for your transportation. Various companies offer tours, mostly leaving from the Beestenmarkt  or Turfmarkt. If you like, you can rent your own boat, and navigate through the canals or take it a bit further to the lakes around Kaag (Kagerplassen). Have lunch or dinner at Waterlust de Kaagsociëteit


If you brought your own car, the closest option to the meeting venue is the big parking garage at the Lammermarkt, or the smaller garage at the Morspoort.
The parking garage on the Garenmarkt is still under construction. In the center, the number of street side parking places is limited, and always paid. Public transportation: many buses stop in the Breestraat, where the meeting venue is located.



Unfortunately, two big museums in Leiden are currently closed for renovations: Naturalis with its unique T-Rex, and Museum the Lakenhal

Other interesting options are: the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (for its Egyptian collection), the SieboldHuis  (with a special Japanese collection) and the Boerhave Museum  (a treasure chamber of science and medicine).

If you are interested in art, please note that 2019 is the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death. There is a large exhibition in the Rijksmuseum  in Amsterdam (35 minutes by direct train). Beware that you have to book a time slot for entry well in advance. Also in Amsterdam, right around the corner of the Rijksmuseum you’ll find the Van Gogh museum

In the Hague - 20 minutes by train - the Mauritshuis (The Hague) hosts a special Rembrandt exhibition is installed as well. 
If you are more interested in Modern Dutch paintings, we can recommend the Mondrian collection in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

Museum van Oudheden

Boerhaave Museum



The beaches of Katwijk and Noordwijk are close, a short bike ride away (30 minutes), or you can take a bus leaving from the Central Station or the Breestraat in the center.
In Katwijk we can particularly recommend KW106, a nice fish-restaurant directly at the beach. In Noordwijk, you’ll find a nice share of beach-clubs to watch the sun set, head for the Koningin Astrid Boulevard.

If you are into sailing, you can rent a boat and try the lakes around Kaag (Kagerplassen). 

Flower lovers can enjoy the tulips in De Keukenhof, special direct busses leave from Leiden central station. Please note that the exhibition closes on Sunday 19 May, so the last weekend may be crowded. It may be better to visit Keukenhof before the meeting. 


De Keukenhof


If you brought your running shoes, you can either head to the Cronesteyn Park, just south of town, or you can join numerous Leiden citizens on their round alongside the ‘singels’ (canals). 


You can find the usual chain stores in the Haarlemmerstraat. It is nicer to stroll around the Pieterskwartier, which is the nice area between the Pieterskerk and the Breestraat where you'll find boutiques in the narrow streets. If you're looking for a true french bakery, we can recommend Mamie Gourmande.


We refer to The Fork website where you can find (and book) your favorite kind of restaurant.

The Meeting Venue is in the Breestraat (Leidens 'Broadway'), where you have your choice of restaurants:

Just Meet

Moscow at sea
Bree 33

Just another few personal recommendations:


The one thing you should know beforehand is that most bars close their doors around one o'clock. You can stay until the bartender goes home once you are inside, but bar hopping in the middle of the night is not possible to avoid loud street scenes. If the weather is nice, there are many terraces on the Nieuwe Rijn for you to enjoy.

If you want to go inside, use one of these options:

De Waag