Prof. dr. Jelle Goeman

Hoogleraar Biostatistiek


  • High-dimensional data
  • Multiple testing
  • Penalized regression
  • Statistical bioinformatics


"Once we really understand the question, the answer is often surprisingly simple." 

I aim to develop novel statistical methodology that is theoretically profound, but always motivated by practical data analysis problems. My research centers on high-dimensional data, such as arise in omics data, where we have many measurements per subject. This area lies on the interface between bioinformatics and statistics. My main interests are in global testing, penalized regression and multiple testing.

Selected recent publications

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R.J.Meijer, T.J.P.Krebs, J.J.Goeman. 2015. A region-based multiple testing method for hypotheses ordered in space or time. SAGMB 14 (1) 1-20.

R.J.Meijer, J.J.Goeman. 2015. A multiple testing method for hypotheses structured in a Directed Acyclic Graph. Biometrical Journal 57 (1) 123-147.

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J.J.Goeman, H.C.Van Houwelingen, and L.Finos. 2011. Testing against a high-dimensional alternative in generalized linear models: asymptotic type I error control. Biometrika 98 (2) 381-390.

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J.J.Goeman. 2010. L1 penalized estimation in the Cox proportional hazards model. Biometrical Journal  52 (1) 70-84.  


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