Richard Dang



Therapeutic decision making in patients with T1 colorectal cancer

With the introduction of population-based screening programs in several countries, a growing number of early invasive colorectal cancers (T1 CRC) are diagnosed and treated endoscopically. However, some of these patients have lymph node metastases (LNM) at time of diagnosis and should undergo an additional surgical resection with adequate lymph node dissection. With the currently used histological ‘high-risk’ criteria, it is very difficult to accurately predict the presence of LNM, resulting in >80% surgical resections without additional oncological benefit. Therefore, the overall aim of our research projects is to improve therapeutic decision making in T1 CRC patients. 

To achieve this, we will adopt a translational and clinical approach which are closely linked to each other in a bidirectional continuum. Understanding the tumor biology of T1 CRCs may provide potential targets for more accurate diagnostic tools and improved patient stratification, whereas evaluation/optimization of several clinical aspects (e.g. endoscopic resection methods, patient-reported outcomes) of T1 CRC management may further strengthen the basis for organ-sparing endoscopic treatment of T1 CRCs. 

Richard (H.) Dang obtained his Bachelor of Medicine at Leiden University in August 2018. After finishing his research internship (part of MSc Medicine) in June 2019, he started his PhD under supervision of prof. dr. James Hardwick, dr. Luuk Hawinkels and dr. Jurjen Boonstra.





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